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Welcome to PG Kids – the website that helps families pursue God together, one topic at a time. Each lesson in our library has a fun, short video where kids explain the Bible so other kids can understand it. And it’s all online to make access easy – at home or at church.
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For Families

We believe parents are pastors at home, and that’s why we make new kids’ lessons available every week. When kids and parents talk about the Bible, the whole family wins!

For Churches

Your subscription – starting at just $25 per month – gives your church a customized partner page where teachers and parents can find lesson videos and downloads every week.

Kids' Church Curriculum

How It Works

PGK is an online Bible-based Kids’ Curriculum for K-5th grade. Every lesson includes a downloadable kids’ video, teacher’s pack, and large group script. These lessons are available to teachers and parents through your church’s PGK partner page, which means you can start the lesson at church and send it home for families to use. Opt in to the free “Bible Bucks” program (with Planning Center integration) to see how family discipleship is going from week to week – right from your church’s partner page!

Kids' Church Curriculum

Scope & Sequence

Bible Basics

Life of Jesus


Kid Wisdom

Simple Scheduling

Leave the scheduling to us – which simplifies communication for teachers and parents. Quarter 1 starts on September 13th, which means churches joining now can pick up in Quarter 12 for the summer.


Year 1 Lesson Schedule


Year 2 Lesson Schedule


Year 3 Lesson Schedule


Kids' Church Curriculum

Sample Lessons

Click below for samples of our kid-friendly, parent-approved lessons.

The Good Samaritan

The Good Samaritan

We should be nice to the people around us, not just to the people who are like us.



Self-control works from the inside out. It helps us to keep our cool and not go crazy!

How Do I Pray?

How Do I Pray?

Kids can make a great habit of prayer if they remember three simple letters.

Safe Content Policy

Our Bible-based content is written from a broadly evangelical perspective. To learn more about our beliefs, check out our statement of faith at


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