A Kids’ Church curriculum for the next generation.

Welcome to PursueGOD Kids – the website that helps families pursue God together, one topic at a time. Each lesson in our library has a fun, short video with classroom downloads for church and discussion questions for home. And it’s all online to make access easy… and free! Click here to learn more about PG Kids.

Kids' Church Series

PG Kids offers a free 3-year Kids' Church curriculum called "Explorers", complete with video downloads, leader lessons, parent handouts, and more! Each quarter features content from four main series:


Learn the major stories of the Bible to get the big picture.

Bible Basics

Learn 12 basic doctrines of the Christian faith in a kid-friendly way.

Kids’ Wisdom

Learn 12 key virtues for Christian living from Psalms and Proverbs.

Life of Jesus

Learn about the life and teachings of the main character of the Bible.

Great for Teachers

We know that Kids’ Church is only as good as its teachers, so we’ve made classroom prep a breeze. Every lesson has a downloadable Teacher’s Pack with easy-to-follow instructions and lesson tools. And our Lesson Schedule makes the lessons easy to find! Just check out our Teacher’s Page for everything you need.

Empowering Parents

The idea is simple: kids learn about the topic at church, and then they talk about it at home. We publish the weekly lesson on our frontpage to make it easy for parents to find each week. Then parents and kids can laugh and learn together as they explore God’s Word!

Our Values

At PursueGOD Kids, we believe real life change happens when families make a habit of meaningful conversations. So we're building our tools on 3 core values:


We base our content on timeless principles from the Bible.


We work to explain things in a way anyone can understand.


We think Jesus wants us to laugh while we learn together!

Ready to go?

It’s easy to bring PursueGOD Kids to your church! Visit our Teacher’s Page for lessons, training, and artwork downloads.

Got questions? Just ask.