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We help kids & families pursue God
…at church and at home.

Welcome to PursueGOD Kids – the website that helps families pursue God together, one topic at a time. We love making videos to help you laugh and learn every week. So read on to find out how to use our free tools at church and at home!


Our videos are designed to get parents talking with their kids about stuff that really matters. Our general content is divided into three main categories:

Faith & Bible

These topics will help you learn about the Bible and what Christians believe.

Daily Life

These topics will help you form good habits and live every day for God.


These topics will help you talk about Christmas, Easter, and more.


Our "Explorers" curriculum is a 3-year Sunday School program that covers the entire Bible along with our core virtues and key Christian beliefs. The curriculum is organized into 12 quarters, and each quarter features topics from our 4 main categories:


Learn the major stories of the Bible to get the big picture.

Bible Basics

Learn 12 basic doctrines of the Christian faith in a kid-friendly way.

Kids’ Wisdom

Learn 12 key virtues for Christian living from Psalms and Proverbs.

Life of Jesus

Learn about the life and teachings of the main character of the Bible.

Ready to start?

It’s easy to bring our Explorers curriculum to your church!
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At PursueGOD Kids, we believe real life change happens when families make a habit of meaningful conversations. So we're building our tools on 3 core values:


We base our content on timeless principles from the Bible.


We work to explain things in a way anyone can understand.


We think Jesus wants us to laugh while we learn together!

Just for Parents

God wants parents to disciple their kids.
Our tools help you do it.

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