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The PursueGOD network consists of churches and ministries that are serious about making disciples.

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Why Join?

We believe Jesus envisioned a church filled with disciple-makers. To make it happen, we’ve created a discipleship strategy for the next generation, one that can be shared with everyone everywhere. Join the network and you’ll get:

Partnership Levels

The PG discipleship resources are free to everyone everywhere, thanks to our generous ministry partners. Wanna join? We recommend the following monthly giving levels based on ministry size:

Partner Pages

Monthly partners receive a semi-custom Partner Page to help organize just the right content for their users – including a customizable 12-week discipleship track.


Why join when it’s free?

Good point. You can bring all of our discipleship resources to your church tomorrow, all for free. But don’t you want to be part of a movement back to disciple-making? And don’t you want a customized partner page to help your church get there?

How is the content curated?

Our team of curators carefully chooses our topics every week according to our broad evangelical stance (see the About Page). On debatable issues our basic rule of thumb is to include a variety of biblical perspectives to leave room for personal discovery.

Where does the money go?

First, donations fund our operational staff that keeps our resources coming every week. Second, donations allow us to market the pursueGOD websites (and churches) around the country. Third, donations will someday support pursueGOD church plants and missionaries worldwide.

What if we want to give more?

We would love that! “Legacy partners” go beyond the monthly partnership levels to give a percentage of their general donations to These churches get a seat at the table as we talk about broad pursueGOD initiatives.

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