Worship is much more than “singing in church”. Worship is part of a child’s spiritual growth. It’s just as important as learning Bible stories, prayer, and small groups! Creating an environment that allows our kids to genuinely worship, is part of helping kids pursue God.

Consider this:

  • We are not teaching kids what they can do when they grow up…we are helping them express their hearts’ desire now. Most children are less inhibited than adults and can really express themselves in worship if we create an inviting environment free of judgement and fear.
  • Be the example…really worship when you’re with children. It’s more important that you are engaged with God than getting the “motions” or lyrics right. Are you inspiring kids to connect with God or are you leading them to perform? They are watching.
  • Teach that God is the audience of your expression. Your voice, your hands, and your attention should be focused on God not on others around you. This can be a challenge to both adults and children. There is much to learn about self discipline in worship. Let’s not minimize the sacredness of worshipping our Creator.

So next time you are in Kids Church, thank God that you have the privilege to worship alongside worshippers that can inspire you to pursue God in spirit and in truth.