Faith & Bible Series

No Doubt About It

In this series, we explore what doubt is and what we should do with it.


In this series, we’ll look at the Book of Jude – and how God wants to keep us safe from lies.

Foundations for Kids

In this kids series we introduce the three foundational truths of a biblical faith, answering how to start, how to live, and how to grow as a Christian.

Proverbs for Kids

Learn how to be a wise kid so that you can live the awesome life God has planned for you.

The Jesus Series

In this 6-lesson series, we’ll look at the life and times of Jesus Christ, right from the Bible!

Get Rich (Ephesians)

In this kids series, we’re going to learn what it really means to be rich and it’s not about money or the stuff it can buy.

Through The Book of Habakkuk

In this 4 week series, we learn about a guy named Habakkuk and some hard questions he had for God. We can learn a lot from God’s answers.

Moses and Mt. Sinai

We’re going to learn about one of the craziest stories in the Bible. It starts off with this amazing invitation. Then some people make a big mistake. But at the end of it all, we learn a very important lesson.

Famous Last Words

In this kids series, we’ll learn about some of the most famous characters in the Bible and the last words they ever spoke.


In this 4 week series, we get a crash course on the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

The Faith Hall of Fame

In this 4-lesson series we’ll learn about some great men of the Old Testament who were famous for their faith in God.

The Book of Titus

The book of Titus is a small book in the Bible but it’s full of helpful stuff to help us live wisely.

The Book of Psalms

In this 6-lesson series we explore the modern message behind the ancient songs of the Old Testament.

Don’t Phlip Out!

The book of Philippians tells us what we should do when we’re stressed and worried.

Daily Life Series


In this series, we share some of our favorite series from the library for kids.

Dads and Daughters (Series)

Dads, the role you play in the life of your daughter is priceless. Use this series to talk with your daughter about some foundational things that will shape the person she becomes.

God Never Said That

In this 3-week series, we’ll discover what God really has to say about some of the most important issues in life.


Habits are the things we do over and over. Find out what God has to say about good and bad habits


In this series, kids learn that even though life can be unfair sometimes, God has a way of working it all out.

Survival Guide for Kids

In this 3-lesson series we teach what every kid needs to know to survive and win at being a kid.

How Stuff Works

In this 4 week series, we’re going to learn how stuff works. Stuff like: feelings, friendship, greed, and forgiveness.

The Grid for Kids

A 28-Day Challenge to help you see the world like Jesus does. Watch a short Bible reading video every day on your own, and talk about the discussion video every week with your family, group or mentor.


In this 3-lesson series we learn all about the dangers of poisonous thoughts, words, and people.

Dollars and Sense

It’s never too early to teach kids about money. In this 3-week series, kids will learn that their money comes from God and so they should trust in him and not their money or the stuff money can buy.

The Birds and the Bees

In this 3-lesson series we help kids and parents talk about sex and purity and stuff. They might as well hear it from you, right? Recommended for 5th and 6th graders.

Holiday Series

Follow The Star

In this 3-lesson series we learn that no matter who you are, God is leading you back to himself

The Christmas Story

In this series, we discover the true meaning of Christmas. The answers might surprise you!

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