If you don’t humble yourself and admit your mistakes, your kids will never grow up to do it.

Talking Points:

  • It’s easy to get impatient with kids when they’re young. As they get older, your kids will begin to perceive you more and will see your faults and shortcomings that they didn’t understand as small children. Admitting your shortcomings becomes more about how you live as a person and a parent. Proverbs 28:13
  • When you make a mistake as a parent and you show that you understand the grace of God in that, it provides an important lesson about grace to your children as well. Ephesians 2:8-9
  • Don’t be a hypocrite. If you want your kids to follow Jesus and to have a personal relationship with God, you need to live out your personal relationship with God, be honest, and be vulnerable.
  1. Initial reactions to this topic? What jumped out at you?
  2. How did your parents make mistakes when you were a kid? Explain.
  3. How did your perception of your parents change as you aged? Explain.
  4. How have you fumbled as a parent? What happened?
  5. Read 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. What are the situations or circumstances that might cause you to lose patience or focus? Explain.
  6. Read Proverbs 28:13 and 1 John 1:9-10. Have you ever had to apologize or ask forgiveness from your kids? What happened?
  7. How would you summarize your home environment when it comes to admitting wrongdoing, asking forgiveness, and showing grace and reconciliation? Explain.
  8. Is there a step you need to take based on today’s topic?