Just for Kids

Gather the family and use this 3-lesson series on Christmas to learn the real reason for the season.

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Lesson #1: Long, Long Before the First Christmas

Workbook: Talk about this...
  1. Read Isaiah 9:2-7 as a family.
  2. Identify the names of Jesus in the passage. What do those names seem to be saying about who Jesus is?
  3. What does “peace” mean to you?
  4. According to the passage, who was going to make all of this come true?
  5. Step 3 Takeaway: Jesus came to ultimately give His life for us. He is the ultimate giver. As a family, come up with a way to give to someone else in need. Make a plan as to who and how you will help someone this Christmas season… and then make it happen!


Lesson #2: The Christmas Family Tree

Workbook: Talk about this...
  1. List some of the names you recognized from the list. What were they?
  2. Who was the first name on the list? What do you know about him from the Bible?
  3. Who was in Jesus’ family tree that was also mentioned in the Isaiah passage? What do you know about him from the Bible?
  4. Step 3 Takeaway: Make your family tree. Parents, do your best to trace your tree back as far as you can. Celebrate your heritage.  Then, have the kids make a card to send to your grandparents (or someone else’s grandparents) as a way to honor them. Make sure to tell them that you love them and thank them for giving you your parents! Draw a picture of some of your memories with them. If you don’t have grandparents, then choose a special person in your life that you would like to honor..


Lesson #3: How Jesus Got His Name

Workbook: Talk about this...
  1. What do you think Mary was thinking when an angel appeared to her?
  2. Do you notice a similar message from the angel that comes from another passage you’ve already read? Which one?
  3. What does the name Jesus mean?
  4. Step 3 Takeaway: Parents, tell the story of how you chose to name each of your kids. Did the name have special meaning? As a family, spend some time telling each person in your family one thing you love about them.