God created us for connection and He has specific ways He wants us to do it. Here are five rules for kid connection.

Rule #1 Be humble
Humble is just a fancy word for not thinking you’re all that. God doesn’t want us to brag about ourselves. That’s not how Jesus acted and it’s not the way we should act either.

Rule #2 Don’t be selfish
No one likes to hang around selfish people so don’t be selfish.

Rule #3 Always forgive
People are going to mess up and your feelings will get hurt. You have to choose to forgive and be willing to give people a second chance.

Rule #4 Tell the truth
No one likes to hang around with liars. You should always tell the truth otherwise no one will believe anything you say.

Rule #5 Stay connected to Jesus
The most important connection we can ever have is with Jesus! He helps us to connect better with our friends because He models connection perfectly for us.

Memory Verse
And because you belong to Jesus, you are being built together. Ephesians 2:22


Discussion Questions
  1. Set Up: Watch the video together or invite someone to set up the conversation.
  2. What happens when kids don’t follow the rules at school? What happens when you don’t follow the rules at home?
  3. Give some examples of being selfish. Why is it better to think about others before yourself?
  4. Should you forgive people even if you don’t want to? How do you forgive when you’re still mad?
  5. Read 1 Peter 4:7-8. Why is prayer important to your relationship with God? What other things should we do to connect to God? How does connecting to God help you to be a better friend?
  6. Takeaway: Write a personal action step based on this conversation
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