If you have a willful child and you feel like the relationship has become defined by wins or losses, fatigue, and guilt, then this topic is custom built for you.

Talking Points:

  • Discipline only for willful acts of defiance. Kids will be kids, and parents should let them make mistakes. Coming down hard on strong-willed kids for kid-appropriate behavior – even if it is annoying to you – will backfire in the end.
  • A strong-willed child always wants to win, and they’ll try to wear you down. Don’t let it happen. You’re the parent. Don’t give in.
  • Make sure that your battle plan is always the same. Don’t grow weary in your parenting battles. If you’re consistent over time, it’ll be worth it in the end. Galatians 6:9
  1. Initial reactions to this topic? What jumped out at you?
  2. Have you ever disciplined your kid for something other than willful defiance? Explain.
  3. Share a time when your kid just wouldn’t give up. What did you do in the end? Who won?
  4. Which of the three points to ponder will be the most difficult for you to apply? Explain.
  5. What are some roadblocks to consistent parenting for you?
  6. Read Galatians 6:9. How do you think your kid’s stubbornness might be used for good in the future?
  7. Is there a step you need to take based on today’s topic?
Adapted from the Parenting Great Kids podcast.