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In this series, learn about some crazy stories in the Bible and how God showed up to help.

Topic #1

The Outrageous Forgiveness that Jesus Gave Paul

The story of Paul can teach us some important things about the outrageous power of God’s forgiveness.

Topic #2

The Outrageous Bravery of Gideon

The story of Gideon tells us about God’s outrageous power that makes us brave.

Topic #3

Outrageous Power and the Raging Waves

Jesus showed his outrageous power when he calmed a storm just by saying, “Stop!”

Topic #4

The Outrageous Love of David for Absalom

The story of Absalom teaches us about God’s outrageous love.

Topic #5

The Outrageous Greed over Naboth’s Vineyard

The story of King Ahab shows us that a greedy heart can lead us to misery.