In this 4-lesson series we’re learning about important things every Christian kid should know. We need to have habits in our lives that encourage us to honor God, we need to value the things God cares about, we need to know what we believe and why, and we need to understand why going to church is important.


3 Habits Every Christian Kid Should Have

Habits are just things you do all the time, even without thinking. And every Christian kids should develop three main habits while they’re young.

What Every Christian Kid Should Value

Values are things that you care about or are important to you. And every Christian kid should value three things that God says we should care about.

Doctrine for Christian Kids

There are certain things every Christian kid should believe. Here are three of them.

Why Every Christian Kid Goes to Church

You go to church, right? But have you ever thought about WHY you do it? There are three main reasons.

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