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A kids series on the book of Ephesians, where we learn what it really means to be rich in Jesus.

Topic #1

We Have Been Adopted

When we trust in Jesus, we’re adopted into God’s family!

Topic #2

How to Know God Better

If you want to be rich in God, you need to get to know him.

Topic #3

Salvation Is a Gift!

We are saved because of Grace when we believe and so we can’t brag about it!

Topic #4

Making Peace with Everyone | Ephesians 2

Because of Jesus, everyone is on the same side. That means we should be peace-makers everywhere!

Topic #5

How Deep Do Your Roots Go?

Growing as a Christian kid works a lot like how a tree grows. To have strong branches you need good roots.

Topic #6

What the Light Does | Ephesians 5

The light of Jesus in every kid does three important things, as long as we turn it on.