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Your parents might have missed these Bible stories when they were your age, but you don't have to!

Topic #1

Samson & Self-Control

Samson wasn’t good at keeping his promises. Even though he was strong and special, he made a lot of bad choices.

Topic #2

Elijah & the Real God

There was a big competition on Mount Carmel one day, and the prophet Elijah proved to everyone that there is only one real God.

Topic #3

Jehoshaphat & Prayer

When King Jehoshaphat got into some big time trouble with another army, he did one simple thing that made the difference.

Topic #4

Naaman & the Girl with No Name

Do you ever want to be kind or helpful to someone who is mean to you? That’s exactly what happened in this incredible story.

Topic #5

Josiah the Boy King

Josiah was a king in the Old Testament, starting at age 8! And he listened to God from the very beginning.

Topic #6

Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego

When three Jewish friends were told they had to worship the wrong god, their faith was put to the test. It’s one of the most famous Bible stories ever!