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In this 4-lesson series we'll learn about some great men of the Old Testament who were famous for their faith in God.

Topic #1

Cain and Abel: A Tale of Two Brothers

Cain and Abel were brothers with two different attitudes. Abel was the good brother, famous for having great faith and pleasing God with his attitude and actions.

Topic #2

Enoch: The Man Who Walked with God and Never Died

The story of Enoch in Genesis 5 teaches us that having faith in God on earth means we will live with him forever in heaven.

Topic #3

Noah: The Crazy Boat Captain

The story of Noah in Genesis 6 show us what happens when we obey God even when it seems crazy to the people around us.

Topic #4

Abraham: The Wanderer with a Dream

The story of Abraham in Genesis 12 shows us how brave he was to leave everything he knew to follow God and a far away dream.