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Author: PG Kids

Count The Cost Of Competitive Sports

As parents, we all want our kids to be the best they can be so getting them into competitive sports seems like the right idea. But there are some costs to consider before making that decision.

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Every Kid Needs Praise

Kids need to know that they are loved. They need to know how special they are. Failing to praise your kids leads to poor self esteem and encourages your kids to seek the attention they crave from someone else.

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Don’t Play The Comparison Game With Your Kids

Nobody likes to be compared to someone else. The comparison game tends to highlight our weaknesses and how we don’t measure up to others. It leaves us feeling deflated and insecure. So, why do so many parents fall into this trap with their kids?

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3 Tips For Raising Daughters

Dads play a major role in the development of their daughters. Learn some practical tips that can help you raise godly women in today’s challenging world.

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Boundaries in Parenting

Boundaries in parenting are all about transferring ownership where your kids grow and learn how to function as an independent person.

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