Quarter 3
  1. The resurrection Easter Lesson (place it in proper place for the quarter)
  2. What Is Salvation? (BIBLE BASICS)
  3. The Birth of Moses (BIBLE STORYLINE)
  4. Moses in the Palace (BIBLE STORYLINE)
  5. Moses and burning bush (BIBLE STORYLINE)
  6. Pharoah and The Plagues (BIBLE STORYLINE)
  7. The Passover (BIBLE STORYLINE)
  8. Parting the Red Sea (BIBLE STORYLINE)
  9. Love (KIDS WISDOM)
  10. Jesus Heals a Leper (LIFE OF JESUS)
  11. Jesus and Nicodemus (LIFE OF JESUS)
  12. The Parable of the Hidden Treasure (LIFE OF JESUS)
  13. Jesus Calms a Storm (LIFE OF JESUS)
Quarter 4
  1. How do I pray? (BIBLE BASICS)
  3. The 10 Commandments (BIBLE STORYLINE)
  4. Aaron and the golden calf (BIBLE STORYLINE)
  5. Wandering in the desert (BIBLE STORYLINE)
  6. Building the tabernacle (BIBLE STORYLINE)
  7. Water from a rock (BIBLE STORYLINE)
  8. Responsibility/Diligent (KIDS WISDOM)
  9. The Woman at the Well  (LIFE OF JESUS)
  10. Jesus fights the Pharisees (LIFE OF JESUS)
  11. The transfiguration (LIFE OF JESUS)
  12. Building on a rock (LIFE OF JESUS)
  13. Jesus heals a paralytic (LIFE OF JESUS)
Quarter 5
  1. Where is Heaven? (BIBLE BASICS)
  2. Promised Land/Caleb/Joshua (BIBLE STORYLINE)
  4. Joshua: Courage/Fall of Jericho (BIBLE STORYLINE)
  5. Judges and why God used them (BIBLE STORYLINE)
  6. Gideon: Trust/faith/identity (BIBLE STORYLINE)
  7. Deborah: Wisdom (BIBLE STORYLINE)
  8. Courage (KIDS WISDOM)
  9. Jesus blesses the children (LIFE OF JESUS)
  10. Jesus and the rich man (LIFE OF JESUS)
  11. Seek First the Kingdom (LIFE OF JESUS)
  12. The parable of the mustard seed (LIFE OF JESUS)
  13. Jesus walks on water (John 6) (LIFE OF JESUS)
Quarter 6
  1. Xmas A
  2. Xmas B
  3. Why read the Bible? (1 Tim 3) (BIBLE BASICS)
  4. Hannah  (BIBLE STORYLINE)
  5. Samuel: Obedience, Listening (BIBLE STORYLINE)
  6. Samson/Delilah: Self control (BIBLE STORYLINE)
  7. The people demand a king (BIBLE STORYLINE)
  8. King Saul (BIBLE STORYLINE)
  9. David and Goliath (BIBLE STORYLINE)
  10. Self control/Patience (KIDS WISDOM)
  11. Jesus heals a blind man (LIFE OF JESUS)
  12. An easy yoke  (LIFE OF JESUS)
  13. The parable of the sower (LIFE OF JESUS)
Quarter 7
  2. What is Baptism? (Rom 6) (BIBLE BASICS)
  3. David anointed as king/despised by Saul/on the run (BIBLE STORYLINE)
  4. Abigail and Nabal (BIBLE STORYLINE)
  6. Solomon: Wisdom (BIBLE STORYLINE)
  7. Solomon builds the temple (BIBLE STORYLINE)
  8. Lands conquered/ruled by other nations (BIBLE STORYLINE)
  9. Truthfulness (KIDS WISDOM)
  10. The triumphant entry (LIFE OF JESUS)
  11. Jesus anointed at Bethany (LIFE OF JESUS)
  12. The last supper (John 13) (LIFE OF JESUS)
  13. Jesus heals on the Sabbath (LIFE OF JESUS)
Quarter 8
  1. What is Communion? (BIBLE BASICS)
  2. Who were the prophets and what was their job? (BIBLE STORYLINE)
  3. Elijah: Faith (BIBLE STORYLINE)
  7. Jeremiah (BIBLE STORYLINE)
  8. Faithful/Loyalty/Diligent (KIDS WISDOM)
  9. Jesus heals a Gentile (LIFE OF JESUS)
  10. The parable of the lost sheep (LIFE OF JESUS)
  11. The parable of the unforgiving debtor (LIFE OF JESUS)
  12. The parable of the vineyard workers (LIFE OF JESUS)
  13. The parable of the wedding feast (LIFE OF JESUS)
Quarter 9
  1. Fruit of the Spirit (BIBLE BASICS)
  2. Daniel: Courage/peer pressure/interprets king’s vision (BIBLE STORYLINE)
  3. Daniel and King Nebuchadnezzar (BIBLE STORYLINE)
  4. Fiery furnace (BIBLE STORYLINE)
  5. Daniel and Lion’ den (BIBLE STORYLINE)
  6. Jonah: Disobedience and the consequences (BIBLE STORYLINE)
  7. Jonah 2 (BIBLE STORYLINE)
  8. Kindness/Respect (KIDS WISDOM)
  9. The golden rule (LIFE OF JESUS)
  10. What makes you dirty (Mt 15) (LIFE OF JESUS)
  11. The parable of the bridesmaids (LIFE OF JESUS)
  12. Jesus feeds the 5000 (LIFE OF JESUS)
  13. Jesus walks on water (LIFE OF JESUS)