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Hey kids and parents! Learn about the characters and stories of the Bible. Use these topics for family devotionals every week! Learn how

How Do I Pray?

Kids can make a great habit of prayer if they remember three simple letters: P-A-L.

What Is Salvation?

Salvation is a big word that we hear all the time in church, but what does it actually mean?

What Is Sin?

Sin is something that is inside of all of us, but lucky for us we’ve got a way to fight it.

How God Created Everything

A very long time ago God decided to make the whole world and everything in it. And he didn’t have to lift a finger.

Who Is God?

God is so great that we will never fully know him. These three things are a good start.

Josiah the Boy King

Josiah was a king in the Old Testament, starting at age 8! And he listened to God from the very beginning.

The Rock of Faith

It doesn’t matter how much you know about the Bible if you have never trusted Jesus to make you born again.

Armor of God

God has a really cool uniform that he wants Christians to think about putting on every single day.


Generosity means giving something away even when it hurts. That’s what Jesus did, and we should too!

Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego

When three Jewish friends were told they had to worship the wrong god, their faith was put to the test. It’s one of the most famous Bible stories ever!

God Can See The Future

The future seems scary if you think about it… unless you remember that God is in charge of it!

How Deep Do Your Roots Go?

Growing as a Christian kid works a lot like how a tree grows. To have strong branches you need good roots.

How God Pursues You | Psalm 139

Psalm 139 is one of the most popular psalms in the whole Bible, and it talks about how God pursues us even before we look for Him.

What Is Baptism?

What is baptism? You may have heard your parents or people talking about it at church. Here’s why you should do it if you’re a Christian.

What Is the Church?

The church isn’t the building you go to on Sundays to worship God, it’s the people who are inside the building!

The Rock of Grace

God doesn’t make us feel bad when we mess up. He gives us the gift of grace.

The Ten Commandments

Some people think that the ten commandments are just a list of religious rules we have to follow, but that’s not why God gave them to us.

What Is Communion?

Communion is a special thing Christians do to remember what Jesus did for them on the cross.

The Tower of Babel

If you ever become famous, make sure to point people to God and not to yourself.

The Shiny Face of Love

When Moses came down the mountain for a second time with the Ten Commandments, everyone could see that God had rubbed off on him.

The Silly Little Golden Cow

When Moses went up the mountain to get the Ten Commandments from God, the people down below made a big mistake.

Just Relax, Habakkuk

Habakkuk was a guy with a weird name who had a hard job and some tough questions for God.

How to Grow as a Christian

The third thing every kid needs to know about the Christian faith is how to grow up. God has a special mission for every Christian, even if you’re just a kid!

Meet Titus, Cool Greek Guy

Titus was a young guy living in Greece when an encounter with the apostle Paul changed his life. Through Paul, Titus learned about Jesus.

Postcards from Jude

In this lesson we introduce the book of Jude from the Bible – a book so short that it might be more of a postcard than a letter.

Clubhouse Rules for Christian Kids

If you’ve asked Jesus into your heart, then you’re in the “Jesus Club”. It’s been around for over 2000 years, and here’s what you need to know about the clubhouse rules.

How to Join the Jesus Club

The book of Romans teaches that Jesus came to save all people – Jews, Gentiles, and everyone. Anyone can join the “Jesus Club” by doing one simple thing.

Noah: The Crazy Boat Captain

The story of Noah in Genesis 6 show us what happens when we obey God even when it seems crazy to the people around us.

Cain and Abel: A Tale of Two Brothers

Cain and Abel were brothers with two different attitudes. Abel was the good brother, famous for having great faith and pleasing God with his attitude and actions.


Daily Verse

As a father has compassion on his children, so the Lord has compassion on those who fear him.

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