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Hey kids and parents! Learn about the characters and stories of the Bible. Use these topics for family devotionals every week! Learn how


It’s easy to be afraid of things, but God helps us to have courage!


God sent Gideon into battle with only 300 men, and they won without even using their swords!


Deborah shows us that God loves to use women to lead his people, not just men!

The Fall of Jericho

God gave Joshua some pretty crazy instructions, but when he followed them something incredible happened!

The Promised Land

God’s people had been wandering around for a really long time in search of a place called the Promised Land.

What Is Heaven?

We talk about Heaven a lot in church, but have you ever wondered what Heaven is really like?

Building On a Rock

Jesus knew a thing or two about building houses and how to build a great life.

The Woman at the Well

When Jesus stopped to get a drink of water, he met someone who was trying to run from her problems. And then he gave her the solution.


Responsibility is all about taking care of your own stuff.

Jethro’s Advice

Moses ended up with a job bigger than himself, and that’s why he needed some help from his father-in-law.

When Moses Glowed

When Moses came down the mountain for a second time with the Ten Commandments, everyone could see that God had rubbed off on him.

The Golden Calf

God gave Moses the ten commandments on Mount Sinai, but when he came off the mountain he was in for a big surprise!

Manna From Heaven

When the Israelites started complaining about their food situation, God taught them a lesson that they would never forget.


The sister of Moses was both famous and fun, but that doesn’t mean she was perfect.

How Do I Pray?

Kids can make a great habit of prayer if they remember three simple letters: P-A-L.

Jesus Calms a Storm

When Jesus took a boat ride with his disciples, everyone learned a lesson that they would never forget.

Jesus and Nicodemus

Have you ever thought about how good you have to be to become a Christian? You know, how many rules you need to follow before God will accept you?

Jesus Heals a Leper

Getting left out isn’t a new thing at all. It was happening to people way back in Jesus’s day, and it’s what today’s lesson is all about.

How to Love

Love seems like a grown-up word for people who are ready to get married. But that’s not what love is really about.

Parting the Red Sea

Sometimes we panic when bad things happen to us. That’s when we need to remember God is in control.

The Resurrection

The story of the resurrection shows us that Jesus came to save us and give us a new kind of life!

The Passover

When the Israelites left Egypt, God gave them a special tradition that would help them remember the kindness of God.

Moses and the Burning Bush

Just when it seemed that all hope was lost for Moses to save his people, God showed up and changed everything.

The Birth of Moses

Moses was one of the most famous people in the whole Bible, and here’s how it all started.

What Is Salvation?

Salvation is a big word that we hear all the time in church, but what does it actually mean?

Jesus Picks His Disciples

Every kid dreams about what they’ll be when they grow up. But whatever you become, you can change the world.

Temptation of Jesus

Even Jesus was tempted to make the wrong decisions. But he had a secret weapon to fight the battle.

Wise Kids Are Obedient

The smartest kids in the world are the ones who obey their parents and God. Here’s three things you need to know about obedience.

How Joseph Rose to the Top

Bad things can happen to good people, but God will always get his way. That’s what Joseph learned in Egypt.

Joseph and the Cool Robe

Sometimes being jealous can make us do silly things. That’s what happened when Joseph got a special present from his dad.

How Jacob Stole a Blessing

When Jacob tricked his dad into speaking a blessing, those words were so important that he couldn’t take them back.

Isaac and the Sacrifice

When God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son, it was the biggest test of his life. Could he do it?


A long time ago, God made a one-in-a-million promise to a guy named Abe. And once he believed it, his dreams came true.

No Room in the Inn

When Mary and Joseph tried to find place to stay in Bethlehem, there was no room for them in the inn.

What Is Sin?

Sin is something that is inside of all of us, but lucky for us we’ve got a way to fight it.

Jesus Turns Water Into Wine

One of Jesus’s very first miracles didn’t happen at a temple or a hospital. It happened at a grown-up party!

Brave Little Samuel

When God gave Samuel an important message, he had to be brave to share it.

The Baptism of Jesus

Jesus went to the river to get baptized by John. And he did something that every Christian kid should do.


Self-control helps us to keep our cool and not go crazy!

John the Baptist

Jesus had a cousin who was pretty famous. But that cousin was all about making Jesus famous.

Jesus Is the Word

The story of Jesus started long before that famous first Christmas. Jesus was actually there when nothing else existed.


Wisdom isn’t just for old people. You can start getting it now, and it’ll really pay off someday.

King Saul

Don’t be like King Saul who only kind of obeyed God.

The Famous Tower of Babel

We shouldn’t do great things to be famous; we should do them to make God famous. That’s the lesson of the tower of Babel.


Daily Verse

The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth.

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